Your Committee for 2017/18

Name:  Jamie Bryan (Co-Opted Member)

  I first paddled a kayak on a sunny but particularly cold day trip in March 2013. I was hooked, got a boat later that year and popped along to my first WFCC river session that summer. Winter came and the boat went away until the river sessions early 2014; my second club session and the start of paddling regularly. There were lots of swims in the early days, especially on a notorious day at Symonds Yat.

Over the last three years I have paddled as often as other commitments have allowed and eventually felt able to take a more active role in the club. Last year I completed my Level 1 qualification and started down the coaching route. I am most at home on whitewater in my river boat but can also be seen in a playboat or paddling my open on lazy summer days. Getting a SUP is next on the list after some time on one in Australia.

Qualifications: 2 Star Canoe/Kayak, 3 Star WW Kayak, FSRT, WWSR, 4 Star Training WW Kayak, Level 1 Coaching Canoe/Kayak.

Aspirations (time permitting): 3 Star Canoe, Level 2 Coaching, 4 Star Assessment, then eventually Moderate Water Endorsement.

Ideal paddling day: Anything as long as I'm on the water!

Name:  Keith Turner (Chairman)

  I learned to kayak on the River Severn as a Scout at the age of 10.  Around 18 I used to borrow Scout kayaks and go with friends down the Severn from Arley to Bewdley.  At 20 I worked a summer season at PGL Holidays and learned some more skills, including how to roll.  Fast forward about 12 years with no paddling I re-joined Scouts and became involved with the Activity Team for the County, got back in to kayaking and did my Level 1 Coaching Course.

I joined the Club around 2011 in order to progress my personal paddling away from the coaching environment of Scouts.  A couple of failed attempts at the Tryweryn saw me deciding to give up on moving water and stick to flat water coaching.  However, a summer of regular Knightwick sessions saw me move from flat water to Grade IV in 6 months and I haven't looked back since.  I love pushing my limits and running bigger rapids and waterfalls, but it is a constant battle of 'head-games' and by no means do I find them easy to overcome.  But that feeling when everything comes together and you nail your line down the biggest rapid of your life - THAT'S what it is all about!

Qualifications: 2* Canoe & Kayak, 3*Canoe & Kayak, 4* Whitewater Leader (Trained), FSRT, Whitewater Safety & Rescue, UKCC Level 1 Coach, Aquatic First Aid

Aspirations: 4* Assessment, L2 Coaching, Progress personal paddling to Grade V

Ideal paddling day: I aim to do something new every time I paddle, no matter if it's a club session or 30ft waterfall as long as I walk away and can identify something that was new, different or improved then it's been a good day.