Tuesday, 13 September 2016

White Water Improvers day

WFCC White Water Improvers day

September 11th - Tryweryn

Paddlers: Keith, Dean, Trevor, Bill, Ali and Chucky

With plans in place we rocked up at the club house to move the boats around, collect the campers’ boats and head off to Bala. The Tryweryn was to be the days training venue. Taking in the views on the mountain road as the weather gradually got warmer and the clouds disappeared.
When we arrived at the Tryweryn we decided to walk from Cafe wave up to talk about the river, the features and just give Dean and Trevor a small amount of guidance before we got on, and kill some time before Bill and Ali arrived. We donned the paddling attire with the usual dry suit / long sleeve / short sleeve discussions and debt followed by the comment “i’m going to boil in this from the chairman.” Just as we finished getting ready Bill and Ali arrived and then setup up their temporary camp site for a ‘spot of lunch’ before they paddled.

We started on top site messing around on the wave, ferry gliding, S turns and rescue practice. After spending a short while on the wave we moved down to the bridge and practiced more of the above, including no paddle stroke ferry glides and S turns before attempting worlds hole. Worlds hole was interesting with a young lad showing us how it is done in his play boat throwing moves i can only dream about throwing. Keith Trevor and I got stuck in though, doing a few pop outs, poor attempt at a loop from me and just some eddy hoping and rescuing boats and or paddles from the chipper. Dean worked he ferry glide with a noticed improvement throughout the day. We ran this section several times as a group with Bill and i joining us after they’d finished the brunch.

It was well after at 2:00 before we moved on to the pre grave yard section of the river. Joining some of the guys from Shrewsbury CC we worked the pre grave yard section braking it down, making eddys, Dean and Trevor worked this section well, no out of boat experiences just big smiles. Keith, Bill, Ali and I ran down through the grave yard working the features hitting different eddys and surfing some waves, before heading back up to pregrave yard. This would be our final run before heading down to the cafe. Dean and Trevor opted to join us for this final run and just go down the middle of the grave yard. This didn’t go totally to plan with a raft deciding to plough through splitting the group in half, and Deans paddles deciding the give up on him after he had finished the hard bit and departed from his boat unscaved. After regrouping Keith and i went off after his boat , which had rather conveniently caught an eddy down stream. Trevor decided at this point he was going to get off the water with Bill  so Keith and I carried on down to complete the run and d!ck about on cafe wave. We were going to play in NRA but decided against it when a rather strong smell of sewerage seemed to be coming from or near to the feature and was rather unpleasant.

Improvement was noted by Dean and Trevor so aim of the day achieved, fun was had by all paddlers. On a personal note i felt like i had the mojo back and was pushing it more including running ski slope backwards after surfing the middle wave, blatantly planned as i put a woop on the end of it, and generally d!cking around. Looking forward to the next paddle. 

Photos and videos have been posted on the club facebook page. Check them out :) See you on the River