Sunday, 3 January 2016

First Paddle of 2016 – Afon Dulas

First Paddle of 2016 – Afon Dulas

With much anticipation and near desperation to get out and see some good water (from myself at least!!) we set of for the Dulas from the clubhouse, after an uneventful journey and a quick breakfast stop we arrived at the get in. The group got on the river slightly further down from the get in due to a large tree down across the river, this meant there was really no time to warm up and straight into the first drop…and a swim from Steve!

As we were such a large group one half of the group went ahead at this point leaving us with a still sizeable group of nine. Not long after starting there was another swim from Colin (definitely nothing to do with Keith…….) The river levels were low and the trip as a whole was a bit of scrapey one with more than one incident of getting stuck, thanks here to Brian for unwedging me from the top of a drop. Despite the low levels providing less of a challenge than expected a great day was had by all, some of us just happy to be out on the water. The river itself is a beautiful one and it makes a welcome change to see some lovely clear water, yet another river for me to add to my rapidly growing list!

Thanks to all that paddled today for a happy days paddling.

Paddlers: Sam, Ali, Keith, Colin, Steve, Rob, Trevor, Brian and Matt.