Monday, 14 December 2015

WFCC Visits the Dart 13th December 15

       After several calls and text messages between the group members it was decided the group where heading to the Dart. Alarms set for a 6:30 meet. Upon meeting at Strensham services we discussed the details of today's paddle and whether to head to Wales or Devon. After reviewing the levels and talking group dynamic the Dart seemed to be the best river option for the day.

       We got on the river at the Dart meet get in, it was a low level. It was very rocky in places resulting in a few involuntary spins and pins. Crazy Chris donned his leadership cap with myself playing the sweeper role. We worked our way down the river bouncing off rocks like a wet version of a pinball machine. The river varied between boulder gardens and drops with most members of the group styling the drops. There were some deep holes, some nice boof ledges and interesting lines.
We spent nearly 4.5 hours filtering our way down the river, with Chris styling Euthanasia Fall and Pandora’s Box. There were several swims which added a good opportunity to practise boat and swimmer rescue. As a group the team worked really well showing fantastic skills in both managing the situations but also sorting them out. The level of team work and the positivity not a bad word said all day. Everyone was really supportive and a credit to the club.

        I think it is fair to say that everyone had a great day and we all had positives we could take away. It is also worth noting that this is the first WFCC trip to the dart for a while where we have actually had enough water to paddle. Fingers crossed we get more paddles like today, personally one of the best paddles i have had this year, in the UK at least.  

Todays Paddlers

Crazy Chris, Andy G, Phil L, Steve D, Zaf, Dave Y, Gina and Chucky.