Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Kids from Belarus

My personal account of their visit.

Cursing the Kidderminster traffic, running late, I arrived at the club house.
Loud audible instructions from Ben (Master of ceremony) could be heard above the giggles of excitement.

A brilliant sunny day for them I thought.
Ben approached. "Are you getting on the water" he said, before I could provide him with any excuses of being knackered. "Yes, Yes". He said with a smile, promptly removing any thoughts I had of backsliding. "I’ll kit up". I said.

Ben gathered the help. 
Dave, Tom, Jonathan, Anthony, Jason, Jordan, Jamie, Trevor, Keith. 
Just stop them from drifting down stream. 
He added, and they are all going to get wet. 

So began the evening with a safety demo followed by games and general mayhem.
Before we knew it the evening was over. Cookies where consumed, presents were exchanged. And the kids were gone.

As they were leaving, I overheard one of the sponsors - If this group is anything like the previous years, they will talk about it for a long time to come.

Yes I thought. Just as we will talk about it for a long time too.
Remember the excitement of Ben shouting above the giggles and laughter.
Remember the dunking Tom got and Trevor hiding, so we would not tip him in.
Remember the screams of a four year old, demanding to be allowed to get in a kayak.
Remember the six year old who just knew how to paddle. He just knew.
Remember the interpreter, who did not want to be splashed.

The kids visit reminded me of why I paddle.

So. I would like to thank all the kids from Belarus for coming to Wyre Forest Canoe club and allowing us to play. I know all of you had fun. We definitely did. 

The evening was as much about them as it was about us.

Thanks to all who helped
Bill and Ali for the Bank work and taking pictures
Sue for the food and cake
Norman for being Norman
And Not forgetting Ben

Thank you for the amazing memories.