Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The mighty T

visit to the T 20/08/2014

James C, Dougie H, Sea Dog Chris (aka-Crazy Chris), Steve D and the Sunday Paddler arranged to go paddling on Wednesday. There were some who wished to go to HPP, however sense prevailed and the alternative visit to the T was agreed.  

After doing the pre-Graveyard section a couple of times. They all decided to head down in to the Graveyard. The Sunday Kayaker under the disguise of inspecting, talked himself out of running this section. James C saw this rouse. Carrying his boat back up he approached the Sunday Kayker standing on the river bank. "What do u want from me" he said. The question just hung there awaiting an answer. 
"Just watch my back" replied the Sunday Kayaker
"what r u going to do". asked JC
"well, I am going to ferry glide across, then drop into the first eddy on the left". "Do u need to tell me all this". James asked whilst strapping himself into his kayak. "Yes" the Sunday kayker replied "It will help me to clarify where I am going" 

So it went eddy hop by eddy hop. 
Same relentless question - what r u going to do.
Through the Graveyard, the Ski slope, Mrs Davis bridge, we arrived at the Cafe wave. The first decent of the upper T - Done.

Thanks to the crew who made this possible. - Some times, just being there and asking the right question can deliver results which look impossible.  

We went
We Saw
I inspected (talked myself out of it)
We Conquered. :) :) :) :) 

The Boys on the NRA wave