Monday, 18 August 2014

Lee Valley

So why would you make arrangements to meet at 6.30 to go to Lee Valley?
Well the assessments were booked for 10am. We finally headed off at 7.00. Steve D, James C, Normski decided to go Via M42, M6, M1, M25 route. Whilst Chucky and I continued on the M40, M25. with a short stop at J3 services. 
We arrived at 9.00 in good time to see the empty course. Steve D and the bandits arrived just after 9.30 having stopped off for breakfast.

The team got on the flat lake and immediately started dicking around. The usual splashing around followed by a race and few rolls to warm up. Not realizing the assessment had already started. Ops.... The assessor asked James to do a roll- as he was the only one who had not done this so far. (Tee Hee)

There were four others being assessed. Two were asked to leave the group as it was there first time in a Kayak. I know.. what were they thinking...

So we went around the legacy course. The recirculating eddies are tricky but we all made it around. The assessor asked us to demonstrate a roll whilst going around for the second time and make a few more eddies. 
after which he confirmed that we had all passed.. Yippee.. 

We had 20 mins left to continue dicking around... fantastic... :) 
Allegedly, two of our paddlers decided they were warm so they decided to take a swim.. ;) 

James C & I booked the assessment for the Olympic course. James argued, were else could you do grade 4 drops with little or no consequences :) 
It made sense :)

Nothing more to be said about the assessment other then James C passed and I failed. The assessor gave me the following advice, Relax and attack the features. (Translation - Olympic course is not a place to dick around without some skills) Next time ... :)

James then booked an hour - here are his highlights :)  

Over all the course and the venue is super clean. 
The assessor warned us that the water is taken from an open lake, however It is filtered and chlorinated. 
Would we go again.. Yes. As part of developing skill levels it is in my opinion better then Cardiff.